Your peace of mind is our top priority... it's what keeps us up at night. No matter who or what is important to you, TriStone Security Consultants offers protection services that are innovative, safe and reliable.


TriStone Security Consultants assures each of our clients are free from care, anxiety, or doubt by offering innovative, safe and reliable security and safety services for the people, places and things they love, or are responsible for.

With TriStone, you get...

  • More than 85 years of safety and security expertise
  • Expert insight and analysis on the latest trends and solutions for security and risk management
  • Innovative and customized risk management services and solutions
  • Reliable security and safety services 24/7/365
  • Nimble and responsive professionals at-the-ready for planned situations or immediate crisis management
  • Perpetual students of the safety and security industry to deal with today’s ever-changing risk landscape


I have used TriStone Security Consultants…and I have not been disappointed. They have gotten the job done, each and every time, with great precision and with quick turnaround. I would definitely recommend TriStone Security Consultants and look forward to continue working with them in the near future.

We began using TriStone Security Consultants over the past month, and I already know we will have a long-standing, trustworthy and reliable working relationship.  They provided such a personal touch when they took on the task of securing our building, which wasn’t expected!  They placed an officer at our location that they knew would work well with our clientele, and thanks to their combined years of outstanding service with local law enforcement, I knew they were the “real deal”.  I’m so very happy with their services, and would recommend them to anyone needing highly skilled, professional, and smart individuals to maintain their business’ security levels.

When I think of Tristone Security, I think of reliable, trustworthy, and top notch service. Having worked with several security teams in the past, I did not know what to expect when we first hired Tristone Security. What we found out is that no others can compare to the excellence and heart that Tristone gives to its clients.

Their professionalism, communication, honesty, accuracy, and especially their attention to detail, is second to none. Their presence allows me to solely focus on the things which are my responsibility as an event director, while providing me with a peace of mind that things are always under control. I trust and am comfortable with their services and do not plan on going anywhere else!”

Their services have been professional, dependable and incredibly supportive. We are very pleased with this company. If you are in need of security services, I highly recommend TriStone to fulfill that need.”